Wave rider trading system

Wave Rider Forex Trading Strategy - Trend Following System


wave rider trading system

Wave Rider Forex Trading Strategy combines EMA (Exponential Moving Average) based CarterMAs of different parameters in order to establish a trend-following trading system . Wave Rider Forex Trading Strategy offers great simplicity in trading so that even a new trader can execute trend-based market entries using its trade signals. As long as you are a trend-following trader, this strategy helps you all the way to carry out quality trades in the market. Dec 04,  · I bought the Waverider Pro system and would like to talk to anyone who is currently using it. After simulated trading today it seems to work. If anyone could give me any insight I .

Forex Wave Rider

He has been selling futures trading systems for a long time since He came out wave rider trading system two other systems call Cherrypicker and Plumpicker. I don't know anything about Cherrypicker but Plumpicker had a strategy that if you were stopped out then you would reverse. Waverider changed that rule from Plumpicker.

The manual that I got was very hard to read. It was only after I emailed one of his member and got a good overview that I understood it he spent 6 hours going over it with me. If I had to try to make sense of it by myself It would have took a long time. He actually has a lot of good info in it, only it is written too technically.

The system consist of a technical indicator, rules for trading and money management. I have been in his trading room for 3 wave rider trading system and he knows what he is doing. He walks you through some set ups and goes over various subjects pertaining to his course.

He seems to be successful, the one thing that he can do is recover from losses. He does some things that work but they are hard to catch if you are not looking or expecting them the same person pointed these things out after one of the sessions. It's like anything else, wave rider trading system, if you know how to do it then who needs to buy a course. In fact on this site there are some free set up and examples of others which shows me that there must be many different ways to trade the futures market successfully.

When you talk to Dave he seems genuine. I have no idea why he is selling the course if he makes 3K a day, the only thing I can think of is he enjoys trading.

If he was truly a scam artist why would he leave his phone number and address on his web page? I guess that I am hoping for the best. If any Waverider Pro users want to start a forum let me know, wave rider trading system. If anyone wants to talk to me email or leave me a message on Skype kenyee




wave rider trading system


Jul 12,  · Wave Rider Forex Trading Strategy combines EMA (Exponential Moving Average) based CarterMAs of different parameters in order to establish a trend-following trading system which reacts very quickly with the change in price actions with less lagging issues. This strategy suits with all sorts of timeframe charts within the forex MT4 onasylec.gq: Goldenforex. "Regardless if your trading goal is to generate daily cash flow or long term wealth building you have come to the right place. My site is dedicated to providing quality futures trading signals and education. My proprietary trading system for futures trading, identify short and medium term bursts of volatility in trading instruments which have a. Dec 04,  · I purchased Wave Rider Pro (Level 1) Yes, there is a level 2 but it's not needed to trade Dave Wright's system effectively. That is what he would have you believe. He teaches how to trade his system and when you start to have questions he directs you to his WRP Level two web site.